Script Reading

Are you an LGBTQ+ writer looking to develop your script further? Or a new playwright looking for feedback on your first draft?

We are always looking to meet new writers and read their scripts and support their development. We love meeting new people and forging new relationships.

We understand how difficult it can be for emerging writers and playwrights to receive useful feedback on their scripts so we are offering face-to-face (or Zoom-to-Zoom!) script analysis feedback working with our co-artistic director Dan Jarvis.

For £30, Dan will read your script, provide a basic script report and arrange an hour’s online feedback session to discuss the script, understand the story you are trying to tell and use a creative coaching approach to help you and your script reach it’s full potential.

To request a script reading please email with the subject Script Reading



Dan Jarvis is an experienced freelance dramaturg, producer and director. He studied theatre studies at Lancaster University and did his Masters degree in Contemporary Literature at the University of Manchester, specialising in LGBTQ theatre and cabaret. He has directed and consulted on many productions including his work Green Carnation Theatre, Manchester ADP, Not Norman, LGBT History Month, Pagelight Productions and more. He has also worked in arts marketing and audience development for 10 years and has an invaluable insight in considering the role and experience of the audience within a theatrical performance. He has had further dramaturgical training through the Young Vic Directors Programme and RTYDS.