Queer Writer Call Out – image from tech rehearsal of My Night With Reg, 2020

New Queer Writers – we want you!

Green Carnation are looking for stories.

It’s been a long couple of years and we’re itching to get to know some new queer writers who have a play (or an idea) that they are wanting to explore.

Our mission is to tell queer stories through quality theatre. Do you have an original story or a new idea for a play that you think fits our mission? We’re especially looking for stories that are a little bit different – stories that give a new perspective, or a queer twist.

If you’re interested in sharing some of your work and potentially getting to know us, please email greencarnationsubmissions@gmail.com with one of the below:

  • If it’s an existing script then a 6-10 page extract and summary/outline
  • If it’s still in the ‘idea’ phase then a summary/outline of your story and up to 10 page extract of some of your previous work

No pressure or expectation, we’d just like to get to know you and your work a bit more and go from there!

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Please follow us on social media for future updates and opportunities (@G_C_Theatre on Twitter, @GreenCarnationCompany on Facebook and Instagram).

We are always open to, and looking out for opportunities to work collaboratively with writers, theatre companies or anyone who may have an idea for a project.

Visit our Contact Us page to drop us a message!