Welcome to QUEER ALL ABOUT IT – Green Carnation’s ongoing digital project exploring themes with in our theatre productionsand other issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community through film, articles and interviews.

These are topics we care about. Subjects that we feel must be explored, discussed and interrogated. We work with a range of partners – from LGBTQ+ charities, to academics, to artists – to help us to understand some of the complex questions and issues surrounding LGBTQ+ experiences, through film, articles and interviews.

Thanks to generous support from National Lottery and Arts Council England, we are commissioning 4 new scripts as part of QUEER ALL ABOUT IT, each exploring specific themes within LGBTQ+ culture. These commissions aim to showcase and develop new LGBTQ+ writing, and to explore and celebrate diverse LGBTQ+ experiences.

Queer All About It Monologue Films

PROVE IT by Lynsey Cullen (Queers Beyond Borders)

DRAW FOUR by Lorna Rose Treen (HIV: 30+ Years of Change)

LUNCHBOXES by Matt Gurr (My Queer Family)

Queer All About It Videos

Queers Beyond Borders

My Queer Family

HIV: 30+ Years of Change

The Pride: Behind the Scenes

The Role of Pride

Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

Stigma in the LGBTQ+ Community

Queer All About It: Articles

HIV Then and Now, By Martin Glackin, George House Trust

Sex and Stigma in the LGBTQ+ Community, By Dr Maurice Nagington

What Does Pride Mean To Us Now? By Jez Dolan

Being Known: Homosexuality and the Last 200 Years By Stephen M Hornby