Welcome to QUEER ALL ABOUT IT – Green Carnation’s ongoing digital project exploring themes with in our theatre productionsand other issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community through film, articles and interviews.

These are topics we care about. Subjects that we feel must be explored, discussed and interrogated. We work with a range of partners – LGBTQ+ charities, academics, artists – to help us to understand some of the complex questions and issues surrounding LGBTQ+ experiences.

Thanks to generous support from National Lottery and Arts Council England, we have been working with four LGBTQ+ writers to develop four short monologue plays each responding to a different theme: 30+ years of HIV, LGBTQ+ families, LGBTQ+ immigration, and faith & sexuality.

Working with Bloody Bandit Productions, these scripts are then developed and produced as short films, alongside informative videos discussing the themes explored through interviews with individuals and charity partners.

Please watch our completed QUEER ALL ABOUT IT short film commissions:

Queer All About It Monologue Films

PROVE IT by Lynsey Cullen (Queers Beyond Borders)

DRAW FOUR by Lorna Rose Treen (HIV: 30+ Years of Change)

LUNCHBOXES by Matt Gurr (My Queer Family)

Queer All About It Videos

Queers Beyond Borders

My Queer Family

HIV: 30+ Years of Change

The Pride: Behind the Scenes

The Role of Pride

Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

Stigma in the LGBTQ+ Community

Queer All About It: Articles

HIV Then and Now, By Martin Glackin, George House Trust

Sex and Stigma in the LGBTQ+ Community, By Dr Maurice Nagington

What Does Pride Mean To Us Now? By Jez Dolan

Being Known: Homosexuality and the Last 200 Years By Stephen M Hornby