Faith and Sexuality

Written by Priyanka Jha

Green Carnation Company’s fourth and final  of our Queer All About It monologue commissions exploring themes affecting LGBTQ+ communities and individuals.

‘I Contain Multitudes’ is an uplifting and affirming monologue by Priyanka Jha. Bahuchara is late for their sister’s wedding but how will their family react when they arrive in full female dress to a traditional Indian wedding? Shiva will guide them…

Responding to the theme of Faith and Sexuality, ‘I Contain Multitudes’ shows how an individual’s faith and their sexuality are not exclusive and that acceptance can be found through faith.

‘I Contain Multitudes’ is narrated by LGBTQI+ activist, author ambassador and Punjabi Drag Queen Lucky Roy Singh. They are also a campaigner against forced marriage and honor based abuse, and for greater LGBTQI+ diversity, visibility and representation.

Queer All About It: Faith and Sexuality

Our fourth Queer All About It interview film, accompanying Priyanka Jha’s monologue ‘I Contain Multitudes’, explores the experiences of LGBTQ+ people of faith and their acceptance and celebration of both their sexual and faith identities. We hope this film will help other LGBTQ+ people of faith connect with the communities out there who are ready to accept them, and to realise that no one is alone.

LGBTQI+ Faith Support Organisations

Here are a few of the fantastic organisations supporting LGBTQI+ individuals to find acceptance and inclusivity within their faith. Thank you for your work.

Gay & Lesbian Vaishnava Association

Hidayah LGBTQI+ Muslims

Inclusive Church



Naz & Matt Foundation

St. Nicholas Church (Manchester)

St. James and Emmanuel Church (Manchester)

My God, I’m Queer, available on All4, is a fantastic documentary directed by Matt Mahmood-Ogston for Naz and Matt Foundation further exploring faith and LGBTQ+ identities: Can you be Muslim and gay? A bereaved fiancé goes on a deeply personal journey to try and prevent future tragedy.
Click here to view it on All4

Queer All About It

Queer All About It is Green Carnation Theatre’s ongoing digital project exploring themes affecting the LGBTQ+ community. These are topics we care about. Subjects that we feel must be explored, discussed and interrogated.

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A collaboration between Green Carnation Company and Bloody Bandit Productions
Performed by Lucky Roy Singh
Directed by Dan Ellis
Videography and Cinematography by Bloody Bandit Productions
Executive Producer Dan Jarvis
Filmed in Buile Hill Park, Salford

Special thanks to:

Dave Shaw (KeshetUK)
Emma Hinds
Ferhan Khan
Lucky Roy Singh
Luke Dowding (One Body One Faith)
Matt Mahmood-Ogston (Naz and Matt Foundation)
Nick Bundock (St Nicholas’ Church, Manchester)
Priyanka Jha
Saima Razzaq

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
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