HIV: 30+ Years Of Change

Written by Lorna Rose Treen

Welcome to the first of our Queer All About It commissions – Green Carnation’s ongoing digital project exploring themes affecting the LGBTQ+ community. These are topics we care about. Subjects that we feel must be explored, discussed and interrogated.

Our first commission is ‘Draw Four’ by Lorna Rose Treen, exploring HIV: 30+ Years of Change, following on from our work with our 2020 tour of My Night with Reg. It explores how the attitudes and realities of HIV have changed between the 1980’s and today, through the eyes of a bystander.

Queer All About It: HIV 30+ Years of Change

Accompanying ‘DRAW FOUR’ is our Queer All About It short documentary exploring the subject of HIV and how far we have come and how far we have got to go.

The film features talking heads from HIV support organisations such as George House Trust and Superbia, LGBTQ+ artists, and HIV activists including Harpurhey Councillor Paul Fairweather who came out as HIV positive at Manchester Pride’s candlelit vigil in 2009.

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A collaboration between Green Carnation Company and Bloody Bandit Productions
Performed by Amy Worthington
Directed by Dan Ellis
Videography and Cinematography by Bloody Bandit Productions
Executive Producer Dan Jarvis
Special thanks to Play With Fire Productions

Special thanks to:

Barbara Treen
Bryan Murphy
Conor Collins
Elliot Pritchard
George House Trust
Greg Owen
Greg Thorpe
Lorna Rose Treen
Martin Burns
Martin Glackin
Paul Fairweather
Susie Baines

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
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